3CHI Carts – Platinum Delta 8 Vape Pens – 2ml


Our Delta 8 THC vape cartridges are the most potent Delta 8 vape carts currently available. Each one of our vape carts contains 95% hemp-derived ∆8THC oil and 5% strain-specific terpenes.

  • Lab-tested by an accredited 3rd party lab
  • No MCT, PG, VG, or PEG oil
  • Potent, broad spectrum 95% Delta 8 THC oil
  • CCELL or MAKO vape cart
  • 5% terpenes
  • 1ml total oil
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What is Delta 8 THC? 3CHI Carts

3chi carts – Another naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis plants is delta 8 THC, also known as “weed lite,” and it is the primary ingredient in goods made from hemp. Despite having similar names, Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC are two very different cannabis compounds with very different properties. Naturally present in cannabis plants, delta 8 and delta 9 both provide intoxicating effects when consumed. Despite their similarities, Delta 8 and Delta 9 differ primarily in their molecular structures due to a little alteration in a double bond on the carbon chain.

All the differences amongst each cannabinoid are caused by this seemingly insignificant alteration. Because of this and its federal legal status, Delta 8 is frequently referred to as “diet weed” or “marijuana lite” due to its milder effects. When vaped (using a vape pen), delta 8 can provide a feeling very instantly. When compared to when ingesting Delta 8 edibles or hemp flowers, the effects can start significantly sooner.

Furthermore, there are unmistakable explanations for why H.R. 2—the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, popularly referred to as the 2018 Farm Bill—made Delta 8 legal at the federal level. It sets a 0.3% dry weight maximum for Delta 9 THC content.


The terms “cart” and “delta 8 carts,” which are commonly used to refer to cartridges, pot pens, weed vapes, or THC vape cartridges, may not be recognizable to you. 3CHI delta 8 carts are prefilled receptacles that contain a liquid mixture of terpenes and premium hemp-extracted delta 8.

Interchangeable 3CHI delta 8 THC vape cartridges are compatible with 510-thread vape pens, which evaporate the oil inside so you may smoke it. You can customize the fragrance and flavor of the carts by adding your preferred terpene combination to a customized blend of high purity Delta 8. You can enjoy the amazing vaping benefits of Delta 8 with any 3CHI delta 8 cart.

The Effects of Delta 8 THC Vape Carts

  • Happy
  • Calm
  • Motivated
  • Clear-headed

Currently, there is a lack of conclusive, long-term study on the advantages, disadvantages, and potential benefits of delta 8 and delta 8 vape cartridges. The material provided below is purely informative and is based on personal experiences with Delta 8 THC. This isn’t medical guidance.

Only adults who are of legal smoking age may use our Delta 8 vape carts. The 3CHI delta 8 vape carts are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or ward off any illnesses. Your experience can be very different. As a result, we make no representations whatsoever that your experience will be identical to what is described.

Based on their physiology, tolerance, metabolism, and past consumption—or lack thereof—of Delta 8 or Delta 9, each person gets a different experience.

3CHI Carts

That being said, using delta 8 vape cartridges differs somewhat from taking it orally, such as through an edible or tincture. Users using delta 8 vape carts have reported experiencing something quite different from what delta 9 THC is often associated with. In fact, many claim that smoking Delta 8 is more enjoyable than vaping other cannabinoids. It has been reported that our Delta 8 THC vape cartridge increases energy and a sense of motivation while also enhancing mood and encouraging peaceful feelings.

The importance that hemp plants play in the bigger picture should be noted when examining the cannabis business as a whole. Delta 8, cannabis products, and other hemp goods.

Although there isn’t enough information to make a firm conclusion, Delta 8 metabolites may cause multiple drug tests when looking for Delta 9 THC metabolites. If you need to pass a drug test, you should avoid using this product as a precaution. To ensure you have the best chance of not testing positive, we advise avoiding all Delta 8 products for at least three to four months prior to a test, depending on your past usage history and the timing of the test.

About Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

The most powerful Delta 8 vape carts on the market are our vape pens, or cartridges. Each has 5% terpenes unique to the strain and 95% Delta 8 THC obtained from hemp. People claim that delta 8 THC gives them a peaceful and uplifted feeling. The estimated contents of each 1 ml Delta 8 vape cartridge are:

  • 1ml total
  • 95% Delta 8 THC
  • 5% botanical or CDT
  • No heavy metals shown in lab test results

This vape product is concentrated and pure. For people who are not used to concentrated cannabis products, it might be rough on the throat. How many puffs ought I to take at first? One of the harsher cannabinoids is delta 8 THC. It is advised that both novice and experienced users start out slowly and take a tiny puff at first. Once you’ve determined your personal THC threshold, taking one or two smaller puffs is usually acceptable. Aim for no more than three seconds per puff.

Delta 8 Disposable Vape Cartridges contributed to the reputation-building of our brand. We produce the purest delta 8 available, rigorously follow federal legislation, and are renowned for our mouthwatering flavor selection. This vape pen is suitable for daily use and free of hazardous carrier substances.

Delta 8 Vape Cartridges Usage Description

  • Description: Breath and button-activation compatible 510 cartridge with 1ml total material
  • Serving Size: One puff
  • Servings per Vape Cartridge: varies depending on the size of puffs
  • Coil: Ceramic
  • Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Δ8THC oil and strain-specific terpenes of your choice

Delta 8 Vape Description

  • Type: Broad-spectrum Delta 8 THC oil with natural terpenes
  • Amount of Oil: 1ml
  • ∆8THC Content: 95%+ Delta 8 THC
  • Extraction Material: Hemp
  • ∆9THC Content: <0.3%

Differences in Terpene Strains

We offer 2 different types of terpenes: botanical derived and cannabis derived.

Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Directions

The only customers who may use our Delta 8 vape cartridges are those who are of legal smoking age. We make sure all of our delta 8 vape carts are compatible with 510-compatible batteries and are of a higher caliber than many brands in order to deliver an incredibly satisfying experience. Batteries and vape pens are not included with our vapes, thus you will need to have this already or buy it beforehand. Put the cartridge on a 510-compatible battery, then around the mouthpiece with your lips to inhale. Keep the mouthpiece screwed in place. To stop leaks, keep upright and at room temperature. For optimal product longevity, store delta 8 thc in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

If exposed to intense heat or direct sunlight for an extended period of time, the product may degrade or lose its effectiveness.


Seek medical advice before to using this product. Use caution if you are expecting, nursing a baby, or have any major medical conditions or undiscovered illnesses. To use or purchase delta 8 thc, one must be at least 21 years old. To acquire or consume Delta 8 THC, it must be permitted in your state or territory.


Important Product Notes

  • This Delta 8 vape cart may affect blood pressure, heart rate, and/or intraocular pressure in some people. If you have any known or unknown heart, blood pressure, eye, eye pressure, or similar/related issues, do not use this product unless recommended by a doctor.
  • Do not use this product if pregnant or nursing.
  • If you have known allergies, please check test results for any possible issues with terpenes. For example, pinene is found in pine and beta-caryophyllene is found in pepper.
  • Delta 8 THC will likely cause you to fail a drug test. Do not use this product if you need to pass a drug test.
  • This Delta 8 vape cart can be intoxicating to some people. Do not drive or operate any machinery while using this product. Consult a doctor before using this product.
  • There is supposed to be air at the top of the tank. Over time the oil (vape juice) gradually soaks into the coil area creating space at the top of the tank. This can be as much as 40% of the total amount, which can make tanks appear partly unfilled.
  • Our Delta 8 THC vape cartridge is federally legal and legal according to many state laws. Our Delta 8 THC oil is 100% derived from hemp and does not contain more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. 3CHI is not responsible for knowing whether this product is legal in your state or territory and you assume full responsibility for all liabilities pertaining to your purchase.

Age Requirements

For retail customers only, age verification is required for all purchases of 3CHI delta 8 vape carts. To authenticate your age and proceed with your purchase, please adhere to the Age Verification step-by-step instructions during the checkout process. Certain purchases might need a picture ID as verification. Please click this link to reach out to our support team with any questions you may have.

Shipping Exclusions

Delta 8 vape carts are not to be shipped to any states or territories where local laws contradict with H.R. 2: The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, popularly known as the 2018 Farm Bill, as 3CHI, like all respectable brands, maintains the right to do. While Delta 8 and Delta 8 vape carts are legal in the majority of states, there are several where state laws either prohibit Delta 8 outright or do not make it so. Due to state bans or contradictory regulations pertaining to Delta 8 THC, we are unable to export our products to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.

Contact us at sales@planetussociety.cc to speak with one of our top-notch customer service specialists if you believe there is language promoting Delta 8 THC’s legality in your state or if your state’s laws have recently changed. For our assessment, don’t forget to include links to the state laws’ entire texts as well as passages from the bill that supports your position.

Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge Troubleshooting

The most frequent problem with any Delta 8 vape cartridge is clogging. This mostly happens when after use, uninhaled vapor stays in the vape cartridge’s airway. The vapor within delta 8 vape carts cools and reverts to delta 8 oil, also known as vape juice at times, which adheres to the inner walls of the vape cartridge airway. This will keep getting worse over time until the airway of the Delta 8 Vape Carts is completely blocked with Delta 8 THC. This can be resolved by placing a thin object—such as an unwound paperclip—into the airway of the Delta 8 vape cart and scraping the walls to get rid of extra oil.
If you would like, you can safely ingest the oil that was extracted from the cartridge.

Preheating your cartridge to produce warm vapors that will loosen the liquid inside the Delta 8 Vape Cart’s airway is another short-term fix. In order to utilize your Delta 8 THC vape cartridge, this may temporarily perforate the obstruction in your airway; however, the blockage is likely to return right away. This may eventually cause a build-up to move from the airway of the Delta 8 Vape Cart into your mouth.

By completely emptying the airway of your Delta 8 vape cartridge after use, you may both avoid and postpone these jams. For instance, release the button when inhaling from a Delta 8 vape cart while still inhaling. By doing that, you will clear out any possible vapor in your Delta 8 Vape Carts’ airway and stop it from converting into oil, or vape juice. The accumulation happens more slowly the less vapor that is left. Taking little puffs is an additional method. Compared to impacts lasting three seconds or less, larger hits typically produce thicker vapor, or more oil, in the airway.

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